Brazil has so much to offer it is a never ending amazing adventure.

To begin with, 7000 kilometers of sunny beaches and rivers flowing into the sea, two of them the biggest in the world, more than half of the beaches with sun 300 days a year.

Than there is 8 million square kilometers of the most diverse country you have ever seen, from the Amazon with its enormous biodiversity in the north, to the biggest swamp land in the world, the pantanal, with hundreds of exotic bird one of the best fishing in the world, in the south.

From native Indians in the Amazon in the north, that have no contact with modern man, to cowboys on horseback on the pampas all over the south.

170 million Brazilians of all stripes and colors descended from different nationalities, native and foreign in between.

Livinginbrazil is connected to or organizes tours, for jungle adventures, bird and alligator watching in the pantanal .

Mountain climbing in the Brazilian mountains and canyons with the most amazing waterfalls, horse riding on the beaches or the enormous pampas.

You can go in and camp in caves that go on for miles.

We know where all the latest wind surf and surf championships are held, where to dive, snorkel, hang-glide, cycling, motor cross, kayaking, or touring around in a four by four, best places to swim, nudist beaches, the best places to windsurf, surf and just hang out and have the time of your live.

We will show you the best beach bars where Bob Marley is wailing from the speakers and all the surf boys and girls, some say the most beautiful in the world, are hanging out in a relaxed atmosphere that will certainly relax you in mind and spirit.

Go camping in places on foot or with a horse, that for sure you think you are the last or the first man/woman on earth.

Rivers and lakes and amazing waterfalls where you can camp and fish, while you partners are preparing the campfire in front of your tent in a place where there is no one around for miles.

If that is not enough Brazil still has a lot of surprises in store, but let’s wait till you get here, just not to spoil the surprise and keep up the tension.

Just let me know how I can help you with arranging the biggest adventure of your live.