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This is the website for travelers
who want to live in Brazil.

Welcome Bem-vindo my name is Gerardus, I am from Holland and have been living in Brazil for 10 years.

Many of my friends here are from other countries living in this fantastic hospitable country Brazil.

We all like to help fellow travelers getting started making a new life in Brazil and making new friends in the process.

I traveled the whole of Brazil and have been located on the island of Florianopolis in Santa Catarina state for the last 5 years .

I know from experience that it is very helpful to have reliable and friendly assistance from people you trust and understand when you first arrive in a new country.

Brazil can be paradise, the people are very nice and helpful and are very hospitable to foreigners, but they belong to a different culture and speak a different language.

One can not expect to fully understand what is going on when one does not understand the people and their costumes, no matter how nice and helpful they are, and no matter how respectful and nice you are.

Sometimes the resulting confusion is no bodies fault it just happens when one goes to a new country and is not fully prepared.

Of course there really is no way to prepare one self fully, and that is part of is the excitement and charm of going to a new country, but it helps to speak the language and get to know Brazil as soon as possible and in the meantime have a little help from your new friends that understand you and understand the country and people that live in Brazil.




That is where we like to step in, we have various projects going on that you can participate in, or we can help you start on your own, we will introduce you to reliable people we know, Brazilian friends and fellow travelers alike, to help you start a new life in Brazil.

One thing we dont need to do is show you where and how to have fun, it is difficult in Brazil not to have fun, if you use your common sense and respect the Brazilian people you meet you cant go wrong, of course we have a few suggestions.

In the meantime we can help you find a property and getting your paperwork in order.

Brazil is a first world, second world and third world all in one country, one could say its a so called third world country, this would mean in the case of Brazil it is still in many parts laid back and has friendly honest hard working people who are very open to meet you and lots of beautiful unspoiled nature, the days of dictator ship and unwanted government intrusion in the lives of the people are long gone.

One could say a second world country because mayor efforts are being made to develop all of Brazil into a so called first world country with out losing its third world country charm.

When we talk about third world countries we often think poverty and destitute people, this is not true in Brazil, already in many parts Brazil is a so called first world country, meaning all the technology of a first world country, good infrastructure, shopping centers, good functioning harbors and airports among the safest and best in the world, good roads, internet, good functioning banking system, good universities and a abundance of food and water and fertile land and proud people not losing their own comfort and own unique identity.

Proud to be Brazilian and they have all the right to be so, this country with its 7000 kilometer beach, 8 million sq kilometers of mostly remote unspoiled land, is definitely moving into a brighter future.

Brazil and its people have their own identity and always had, and I am sure always will.

Part of this identity is that Brazilians are more supportive than competitive.

Obviously there is lots to be done, I have been in many places in the world including other third world countries, Brazil is unique and most of the Brazilians I know, up to the highest level are capable, willing and sincere in their desire to create a good standard of living for all, a perfect world is not possible and would be boring, it takes away our inspiration to continuously creatively support each other, Brazil definitely seems to be in a upward moving spiral to reach it highest potential.

Click on the various links on this site and of course please get in touch with any questions you might have, as soon as you have decided or thinking about coming to Brazil.

Please let me know when you are coming to Brazil and I or some of my friends will pick you up from the airport.

My name is Gerardus m Hulst and I can be reached at skype: name: gerardusazevinho or

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Some of our site is still in Dutch but we are working on translation of the site, any questions at all please email me.